About Us

Butler Primary School is an Independent Public School, located in the suburb of Butler. Our community is generally characterised by young families looking to capitalise on the lifestyle opportunities the suburb offers, namely fantastic parks and facilities, proximity to the coast and new houses with reasonable affordability. Public housing is dispersed throughout the suburb consistent with State Government planning policy. Our school continues to be sought after as a ‘school of choice’, with a consistent number of out of catchment requests.

Butler Primary School caters for a diverse student population with a large number of migrants from the U.K, N.Z, African nations and Asia. It is recognised as a caring and supportive environment for students and staff. The school environment is very welcoming and relationships with parents are positive and mutually respectful.

Butler Primary School educators are strongly committed to making progress in both academic and non-academic student achievement. Literacy and Numeracy remain priority areas of focus. The school provides a range of specialist programs that enhance student potential and opportunities are provided for students to showcase their learning and achievement in the community. Health Education, including student mental health and wellbeing, is a strength of our school.

Emphases for Continuous Improvement

  • A renewed focus on explicit approaches to teaching reading across the whole school to ensure a consistent and focused school wide methodology
  • Strengthening a formal assessment program which provides the foundation for a school wide longitudinal approach to data
  • Developing a school wide approach to explicitly teaching grammar and punctuation
  • Strengthening Literacy across Early Childhood phase of learning (K-2) to improve student achievement in reading and writing
  • A targeted school wide approach to numeracy to improve student progress and achievement
  • To explore ways to improve the response to parent satisfaction surveys